About us

Jerome Wiley Segovia and Babur Asad have advocated for a free content service such as FreeFiction for years. We have finally decided to take the plunge and develop our own site in order to get the ball rolling.

There is an untapped market of (perhaps millions?) of unpublished authors that is clamoring to have their material read, and enjoyed. We are providing a platform where authors can provide the materials that readers would love to enjoy, while providing immediate feedback in the form of page views, ratings and reviews. We also offer a premium option of professional editing and polishing.

In phase two, readers can expect to pay a 99 cent yearly fee in order to access the content, or view the page with advertising. The revenue model is one where we expect to share this revenue with the top rated authors. Mauris dignissim sapien lobortis est scelerisque dapibus. Aliquam vel elementum elit. Aenean ut lacus adipiscing, semper lorem at, mattis erat. Vestibulum sit amet sagittis nisi. Fusce quis urna tristique, consectetur nisl eu, vehicula neque.

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